The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) on Thursday announced that its specialized study group has developed the standards for 3DTV.
The study group, which embodies experts from the television industry, broadcasting organizations and regulatory institutions, has agreed on a set of standards that function as tools to evaluate, make and exchange 3DTV programs.
The standards focus on 3DTV program production and broadcasting in the two formats that are in use worldwide: the '720p' and the '1080i/p HDTV' environments.
Experts also agreed on the digital interfaces used in studios for 3DTV program production, and on the general requirements for 3DTV.
In addition, methods to evaluate the quality of 3DTV images, which relates to three aspects, or quality factors: picture quality, depth, and comfort levels, are included in the standards.
Intended to promote the further use of this format worldwide, the new standards are being submitted for accelerated approval.
ITU Secretary-General Hamadoun Toure says, "3DTV has made a huge impact on TV viewers around the world and led to new developments and opportunities in the broadcast and manufacturing sectors."
The standards, he says, "will provide fresh impetus to this exciting television format."