Receiver modification

In this opportunity to discuss about the Digital Television receivers. Beginning of this innovation on the basis of the use of display on the Notebook, LCD projector or TV monitor, given the receiver output is not a VGA video RCA Jack. In addition to the additional posisioner resulting signal receiver components become more and more / complicated. There are three separate components of the receiver, positioner, and Converter.   3 enhancements are each required supply of AC current.   Starting from these permutations was made.

At first glance it does look creepy like a robot or a homemade bomb, but a set of components that have many functions to enjoy satellite TV facilities of the middle class (middle because it has not been completed and Mpeg4 HDTV).
Described in the following figure features a set of tools contained in the receiver Multi function:

Receiver front view picture.

    1.    Internal Speaker
Although it is equipped with plugs for external speakers, but because it had ngak Sound Subwoofer or cool the system is small 8Ω speaker 15Watt ngak also hurt installed. yes somewhat shrill voice.
2.     Power Suply Power supply is the most efficient type of swicthing for
now. Power consumption of electricity is also not too extravagant for the system   Matic AC has a high efficiency.   Power supply voltage is used to supply the 12V, 13V, 18V and 5V. Meanwhile, the 36V voltage source to drive the actuators supplied by power supply transformer for AC 4A matic type is not strong swicthing to drive actuators.
3.     Card ReaderWhen I'm bored with 500 channel FTA (Free To Air / Gratisan) a range of asia, this feature may be very helpful. Live from pay TV content voucher aka TV subscription can instantly enjoy channel2 previously classified as non FTA. Exemplified in the above picture Irdeto2 card that can be used to Telkomvision and Yes TV.
4.     Receiver Panel At the receiver panel are the power button, up / down and channel up / down volume. Button2 details on remote.
5.     Positioner nort-south
Govern the motion of a satellite dish positioner to the north-south. The movement is rarely used, just once and for all settings. Except if the parabolic antenna exposed to storms or hurricanes. This feature is quite helpful for improving the position does not require adjustment by taking to the roof to the antenna dish.
6.     East-west positioner
Positioner to set east west movement is already a lot dibugakan on satellite TV receivers in general, nor with this tool.
7.     Main switch
The main switch that disconnects and connects all the electronic circuits on this equipment.

Rear Receiver picture.

A.     Input and output audio
If the audio input for the internal speakers are shrill, and then output the audio to sound system more and more OK with the stereo.
2.     VGA output
This feature dati function point for watching TV while working or maen computer. So laptop or the monitor was so. In 2011 this feature was used for the presentation   scientific output by combining digital TV with a slide presentation on the LCD projector.
3.     S-video output
Features used for S-video jack
4.     RCA port
Features used to plug RCA type audio and video, which is connected to the TV / LCD in general.
5.     Actuator Control
Port which contains 4 wires (2 motors, 2 sensors) to control the actuator
6.     UHF input signal
want to see  local TV? .. Jogya TV, TVRI Yogyakarta, TA TV that is not listed on the satellite, then this feature can be used UHF. Besides it is very helpful as well to watch TV shows that usually scrambled when broadcast as primere English football league, Serie A italy, europe and the world cup trophy.
7.     Coaxcial to LNB
The cable from the LNB input jack
8.     Coaxcial to receiver
The cable outlet is connected to the receiver. This cable is made ​​external because it can not be replaced with the internal wiring.  
9.     Fan
The plan will be equipped with LN35 fan as a censor temperature sensor temperature than 36V supply transformer. So the fan will start working only when the transformer in hot conditions. Because if the fan rotates continuously would rather make a buzzing noise that interferes with the pleasure of watching television.
Additional ::
A. USB. for upgrade via flasdisk, da connection with laptop
2. HDMI port, for the purposes of hight definition output display image media
3. wireless remote controller controls the actuator based
4. Tickets Fly
Specifications of whole
A. 3000 channel memory
2. display output AV, S-Video, VGA, HDMI
3. Stereo / mono audio
4. suport HDTV, SDTV, MPEG2, MPEG4, DVB-S2, DVBS
5. Biss key suport
6. Fly suport CARD
7. Irdeto kappa suport CARD
8. 50 meter 27MHz wireless control of remote control (not infrared)
9. double actuator suport (north-south and east-west)
10. Tickets Fly (for pay-TV channels)
display output via laptop

double image display output.

difference can be broadcast. Laptop displays RCTI TV channel, while the TV displays television channels GLOBAL